“Jim is the 'Math Machine'... he can handle any problem. G.S. USC

"Thank you, Jim...with your help and insight, I got the A and my future looks bright with my acceptance into the Graduate Business program."  T.T. UCLA

"I was accepted into the Marshall School of Business.  Thanks, Jim for all your help, I could not have done it without you."  K.Y. USC

"Good Math tutors are hard to find, especially in the downtown LA area.  Jim is one of the finast instuctors I have worked with.  His hours are flexible, his knowledge is comprhensive and his rates are unbeatable.  I highly encourage all college level math students to work with Jim."  Alex M. USC

"Recently I ran into Jim at a restaurant in Ojai while dining with my parents.  We all were very glad to see him again and got the chance to thank him for all his help and dedication.  He was my tutor from 6th grade through the first two years of college.  I transferred to University and realized how much his help was worth to us.  Thank you, Jim...you are the greatest!   Julie K.  Santa Barbara